Baby Acorns – A painting a day

I picked this limb of baby acorns off the ground while gardening on friday. Its been sitting on my painting table just begging to be painted. 

 Baby Acorns

 As you can see I didn’t paint  the background, but sometimes  I like the starkness of white against a nature study.  If I were to put color in, I would probably use one of the colors that are already inthe painting. 

For you artists   here are the colors…. burnt sienna+ sepia,  sepia+ sap green, orange lake, yellow green, yellow orange, cobolt blue and burn’t sienna.


4 thoughts on “Baby Acorns – A painting a day

  1. Got your message, Shanti — yes, of course we can exchange links. Please add my blog to your list and I’ll do likewise. I was just admiring your acorns earlier this morning. Coincidence!

  2. Wow! Thanks so much for commenting on my Flickr site, I don’t look at comments there too often, mostly use Flickr to upload images to my blog, so I missed them at first. But what a treat to get the link to your site. Your work is amazing! How large are your daily paintings? I’m going to take a longer visit to your site and will be blogrolling and bloglining it.

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