Koi Happiness – A painting a day

Koi Happiness

A small 4 by 6 watercolor painting of Koi. I love the look of fish underwater and I think watercolor captures the look better then any other medium.  The white diagonal line on the lower right is actually a reflection and will not be on the final painting.  This definately has an Asian feel.

Deep Water Koi – A painting a day

Deep water Koi, originally uploaded by shantmarie1.

This small painting is a postcard painting and is in response to all of you who are collecting my Koi paintings. The size is post card size and will fit nicely in a 4 by 6 opening of a typical 5 by 7 mat.
Enjoy, It won’t last. The actual painting is slighly lighter in value.


For those of you who are interested in Cinema:

 My Review for  “DEXTER”

This weekend I watched a preview of DEXTER the new crime drama on SHOWTIME. The first thing I will mention is the fact that a lot of this first show is narrated by the main character, Dexter. Its about a forensic’s investigator/serial killer.  I will say this, Its different. I enjoy watching crime mysteries, but this is off the wall.  First off, the guy works for the Miami police department, with all of the Geek CSI types but at night he’s out roaming the streets.  He is  a hero of sorts (if you can call a cold blooded killer, a hero) because he is only killing off people that are guilty of crimes but somehow got off.    Rapists, murders and such, you get the idea.  Since his dad was a detective, he learned all the tricks & knows how to commit a crime without leaving any evidence.  Like many of these crime dramas, the lighting is dark and shadowy during the night shots and there is a aura of mystery to what he’s doing, while the day shots are of him at the police department being very perceptive and getting all the clues.  Of course we know this is because he has the killer’s perspective so to speak.   The characters are his sister who is a bit of a dingy chick who wants to work homicide but as a cop they have her working vice picking up Johns.  The Lieutenant, a beautiful and talented actress who has the hots for Dexter, but Oh yeah, forgot to mention, Dexter isn’t into sex.  A girlfriend, that just got out of a pretty abusive relationship and because of her past is also not interested in sex.

Dexter’s dad is used to help the viewer figure out what happened to Dexter to turn him into a killer and is brought into the scenes as memory.  This show is filled with some other great charaters  but they are the usual hard hitting detective types or the nerdy Asian CSIs and it is Miami, so there is more then the occasional Hispanic.

Here’s the Link if you want to watch it yourself.  The password is

 :sneak peek


If you do not like blood, I would not advise watching, it is for mature audiences and has bad language and some nudity.

 I think it will be on free  (preview weekend) on showtime  October 6 thru 13th.

I give it 3+ out of 5 stars




Silly or stupid things people say to you when your painting, OR Why most people won’t paint in public – A Painting a day, Beagle Love

#1.  Wow that’s cool, what is it?

#2. You paint?  My (fill in blank here… with) brother, father, mother cousin etc.. paints too, but their really good.

#3   So, how much do you charge for a painting of this size?  That much?   

#4   How long does it usually take you to paint a painting?   (I’m thinking, not as long as when people don’t bother me).

#5 You know what would be good in that painting, (pick one) A deer, a house, a hunter, seashells, fishing pole…Etc.. You get the idea. You can’t believe the suggestions!

#6 I’d love to have a painting like this, but could you change (insert any of these) :color, size,  format, subject matter, or all of the above.

#7 What in the world  are you doing out here?

#8 I paint once in awhile, but I do real paintings, u know, oil?

#9 So, what is this called?  Water-color, yeah we learned to do that in grade school.

#10 Man you’re great, you should have your stuff on QVC.  (my favorite)

#11 The name for this painting should be …___________________ The answer can be anything they dream up, then they act affronted when I don’t readily agree.  

#12 Are you an Artist or do you just paint? ( I would hope the work speaks for itself)

I put these comments on my blog just for fun; don’t ever let people influence you not to paint. If you have any of your own silly statements, send them in as comments, I’ll be glad to post them.

Dogwood A Painting a day


This small painting is about 6 inches by 6 inches  and was actually painted only because I was painting it as a demonstration piece.  These demos don’t always turn out, but when someone asked me if I ever sell the demos, I thought “she’s right, its good enough to stand on its own” So here is the painting for today.   If you ever think about teaching,  you should consider a demonstration as part of the class.  I find the actual paint while explaining method is invaluable. If you’ve been painting for a long time, you forget how a beginner thinks.  The student on the other hand has no understanding of your thought process and to allow someone to see you paint from start to finish helps them understand your methods and approach.  The problem  for the teacher is the interuption, with questions and of course the drying paint . You have to be able to field questions and paint at the same time.  Anyone who paints in watercolor understands the timing of the application is one of the most important aspects of the painting process.

Baby Acorns – A painting a day

I picked this limb of baby acorns off the ground while gardening on friday. Its been sitting on my painting table just begging to be painted. 

 Baby Acorns

 As you can see I didn’t paint  the background, but sometimes  I like the starkness of white against a nature study.  If I were to put color in, I would probably use one of the colors that are already inthe painting. 

For you artists   here are the colors…. burnt sienna+ sepia,  sepia+ sap green, orange lake, yellow green, yellow orange, cobolt blue and burn’t sienna.