Pink Tulip


 I painted this little painting as a study for another piece.  I was thinking of placing it next to a vase or something like that with the light coming from the left.   Once again, I can’t figure out what to call it.  If you like flowers I think you’ll like this little tulip.  It measure 6 by nine as do most of the pieces on this blog.  I have another blog with basically the same work, I’m testing this blog thing to see if either of these pages is “better” .  I have more comments on the “blogger” page and I’m not sure why.  But when I goggle “a painting a day to see who else has a painting a day going, this blog shows up… so go figure.  I’m no computer person and I’m learning as I go along.  If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

 Tonight is my figure drawing sesson and I hope the rain from this Hurricane doesn’t keep me and everyone else home.  The Charlotte Art league is up town in an old wherehouse type building, and sometimes I think folks don’t like to come out there at night.

Far Away … A painting a day


Since its my birthday tomorrow, I am posting early, I decided to post this small painting called Far Away.   It ‘s a watercolor done in a very loose dry brush style.  If anyone ever has any questions regarding watercolor technique or other watercolor painting questions, feel free to send me an email…

A painting a day – The struggle


Most artists struggle.  Either they can’t seem to get down their vision of what they want or they don’t know what they want, (they’ll know it, if they see it). I think this struggle is part of the process.  Its too bad because of this constant push/ pull it sometimes seems not to be worth the effort.  Its why some people give up doing their art.  Also, I see people giving up their art because they don’t have enough buyers.  Buyers equate “good artist”.   No buyers (not counting family and friends) means not a good artist.  This definitely is not the case.

   We live in an age when people will buy a Persian rug for their dining area, cover their sofa in silks, and import tiles from Italy to decorate their home tastefully and expensively, yet these same people will have pictures of art rather original art on every wall in their house.  They will pay more for a custom frame and mat then for an original piece of art.  Go into any model home these days, same thing, prints everywhere.  Most from 18th and 19 th century artists.  I guess they feel pretty good or safe rather, that this  art cannot be denied as good art.  It has stood the test of time.  The truth is… I think people don’t trust their own judgement when it comes to choosing art.  They need someone to tell them what is good art. But who? do you trust Gallery owners?  Especially when they are getting 50% of the profits?  Do you trust your own decorator who is going to choose a piece of art because it matches a sofa? You have to admit, even I may not pay some of the high prices for some art, especially when it appears to have been painted with a stick and a rag.  People don’t like to be taken advantage of and they don’t like to admit they don’t “know” art.    The other problem is a simple one, people don’t appreciate original art in the US as much as in many other cultures around the globe.  Now as in the past, Art was OK as long as it was something to do as a hobby but not as a career.  It isn’t real work.  We have a very strong work ethic in this county and some parents often put creativity in the back seat while encouraging productive hard work, left brain thinking.

 So, if we don’t buy original art and we encourage our kids to do anything but become artists, and we don’t support the arts in schools what we are we saying?  

Its no wonder today’s artists may feel as though it isn’t worth the effort, that the struggle to produce good art is just that, a struggle.  As an artist I’ll remind you, of a few important things. 

1. Its  takes a very long time to become proficient at something as complex as art.

2. Don’t take the advice from lay people.

3. Do whatever you enjoy doing, even if no one buys it.  Hey, its cheaper than therapy.   

4. Become a lifelong student, don’t plan to figure it all out right now. It really is about the journey not the destination.    

Yellow Pears

“Yellow pears” is actually a painting or small study to work out problems for what would later be a larger piece.  This little gem, is 6 by 9 on Water color paper.

I am trying to figure out the best way to present these pieces to you and am having difficulty in formmating the pictures and the size of the picture for the blog.  Please  have patience with me until I can get this to look better.  Thanks!